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Losing My Wallet and The Glory of God Displayed

Last night I was able to enjoy some dinner and fun at a friends apartment. After all the excitement of dinner and a show from their little boy, playing air guitar on a tennis racquet, we decided to go outside and kick a soccer ball around. We just kicked around with each other for a while until we concluded that two trees would make perfect post for our goals. After a while of kicking one of the guys noticed some kids from the apartment below his were watching. So he asked if they would like to join our little game. At first they were a little hesitant, but Donnie used his charm to win them over.

The first one to come out was Yancey and then his little brother Joseph was not to far behind once he realized we were alright guys. After kicking the ball around once more and me rolling my ankle on a pinecone the adults of the apartment started to move a large bed from their truck to their apartment. So we paused our freshly stated game of baseball with a tennis racquet bat to help them move. Donnie was able to talk to them and make a connection as a neighbor.

Not to longer both Yancey and Joseph had to leave. So we called the game and headed back inside. It was really good to see that Donnie had gotten a chance to meet his neighbors and talk to them if only for a short time. He and his wife Meghan decided they should invite them over for dinner one evening. So after an enjoyable night it was time to go home. I went to leave with my belongings and had everything but my wallet. So the search began.

We looked in every nook and cranny of the apartment followed by looking outside. Now it was about 10 at night so light was sparse and other than iPhone flashes there was not much hope for anymore. We began looking but nothing was found. I then went back in the apartment to check once again but my luck was the same, no wallet. However, on my return I did notice that Donnie and Meghan were talking to the neighbors and the father of the house was out searching for my wallet with his flashlight. I was very thankful that everyone helped but called it a night and returned to my apartment. It was the last place to look before I started canceling cards.

As I walked in to my apartment I saw my wallet lying on my couch. My relief was overwhelming and I told everyone about it and thanked them for their help. When Donnie responded he told me that while looking for my wallet they were able to talk to their neighbors a little bit more. They offered to cook them dinner one night and bring it over, which they accepted. Through the chaos of it all God used the search for my wallet to allow Donnie and Meghan to make a connection with their neighbors that will hopefully grow and lead to the sharing of the Gospel. God is sovereign in all matters, even in the potential loss of my wallet; working them together for His glory and our good as believers. What a glorious truth we can hold to in both large and small matters.


About Justin Bailey

I am currently a student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, a Starbucks barista, and a part of a great church in Imago Dei. I moved to Wake Forest, NC from Pineville, LA on June 1, 2011 to start school and be a part of the planting process of Imago Dei here in North Raleigh. Most of my musings will be from the vain of one of these three aspects of my life along with other things thrown in there.


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