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Amusing Ourselves to Death

Denny Burk comments on how 9-11 revealed what entertainment truly is and how we use it to distract us from weightier and more eternal matters.

“Given everything that has happened in our national life since the attacks, this moment seems less like ten years ago and more like a hundred years ago. Nevertheless, there is a clear lesson here that we would all do well to remember. We are prone to amusing ourselves to death. Our attention is too often focused on the ephemeral and the fleeting, and not on the weighty and the eternal. Our usual diversions can smother sustained focus on God, His word, eternity, Heaven and Hell.

Is the human condition really so desperate that it takes a 9-11 to break the stranglehold that our entertainment culture has on us? I think that it is. The human condition really is that bad, but the gospel really is much better. Even in the morass of our daily distractions, it still has the power to break through (Romans 1:16-17). And this gives me hope, even as the rest of the world is back                                                                                                          to business as usual.” Read the rest here, When Jon Stewart Cried on TV.

I have been thinking about this topic for sometime and see it as a huge problem for both believers and non believers. If believers distract themselves with things of the world and become so full on those distractions why would they desire anything eternal, and if non believers are always able to escape to distractions instead of actual examining their state and questioning existentially, is that not taking them further from Christ. As a culture we are entertaining ourselves to death in order not to deal with silence that leads to questions that cannot be answered outside of Christ, but as Denny points out the Gospel is greater than our attempts to flee from God and breaks through all barriers.


About Justin Bailey

I am currently a student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, a Starbucks barista, and a part of a great church in Imago Dei. I moved to Wake Forest, NC from Pineville, LA on June 1, 2011 to start school and be a part of the planting process of Imago Dei here in North Raleigh. Most of my musings will be from the vain of one of these three aspects of my life along with other things thrown in there.


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