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Amusing Ourselves to Death

Denny Burk comments on how 9-11 revealed what entertainment truly is and how we use it to distract us from weightier and more eternal matters. “Given everything that has happened in our national life since the attacks, this moment seems less like ten years ago and more like a hundred years ago. Nevertheless, there is … Continue reading

Not Your Typical Surprise Party

From TheResurgence and TIm Chester’s new book “A Meal With Jesus” Tony Campolo of a time when he was speaking in Honolulu, Hawaii. Campolo lives on the east coast of the United States so his body was six hours ahead of Hawaiian time. At three o-clock in the morning it felt like nine o-clock to him. … Continue reading

Losing My Wallet and The Glory of God Displayed

Last night I was able to enjoy some dinner and fun at a friends apartment. After all the excitement of dinner and a show from their little boy, playing air guitar on a tennis racquet, we decided to go outside and kick a soccer ball around. We just kicked around with each other for a … Continue reading

“The Atonement” by Shai Linne

“Are you kidding me” those legitimately the words that came from my mouth when I finished this new CD by Shai LInne. Let me explain. This is one of the most intellegent rap CD’s I have listened to in a long time. Yes, not just christian rap but all rap. Shai Linne does something that … Continue reading

Lessons from a board game

So tonight I was playing the great board game of “mystery date”. I realize that their are other things that could be said following that sentence to make it seem a little less odd; however, I was playing with a friend who happened to own the game and why not. It was all in good … Continue reading