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Two Interviews Well Worth Your Time

Two interviews from the SBC 2011 convention done by 9Marks. The first is with Paige Patterson,  president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the second is with Al Mohler, Danny Akin,  and David Platt. Both are conducted by Mark Dever and are valuable beyond words. So please do take the time  to watch them. Paige … Continue reading

Losing My Wallet and The Glory of God Displayed

Last night I was able to enjoy some dinner and fun at a friends apartment. After all the excitement of dinner and a show from their little boy, playing air guitar on a tennis racquet, we decided to go outside and kick a soccer ball around. We just kicked around with each other for a … Continue reading

New Town, New Blog, New…well a lot of things (pt. 2)

The continuation…upon my announcement of coming to Wake Forest to attend Southeastern instead of staying in Pineville to continue at Louisiana College there was a lot to be done. Firstly, talking to men wiser than myself about my decision. After talking with various people about the opportunity of being part of a church plant in … Continue reading

New Town, New Blog, New… well a lot of things.

So I haven’t posted a blog in sometime so this first one will be rather long, but I have decided to break it up in a few parts. Part one will be today and the others will follow. Hopefully, this will be either encouraging or informative, but hopefully both. As some of you know on … Continue reading