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World Cup Thoughts

So I will be the first to admit that I have done a horrible job keeping my goal of commenting on the World Cup. I haven’t written anything since the US-England game. O.k., quick side note because I feel like this needs to be said… I was reading the other day a blog by an … Continue reading

Thoughts on United States vs England

So let’s start from the beginning… ABC started coverage at 12:30CT so they could continue to milk the 1950 goal miracle that has been flooding ESPN and Sports Illustrated, so I decided not to watch most of it. When the players took the field you could see a noticeable difference between England and the USA in their faces. England, … Continue reading

World Cup pt. 3 (Brazil, Spain, Cameroon)

Ok so I decided to do 3 teams today to try and catch up and since Brazil and Cameroon’s problems really aren’t severe we can squeeze them together. Also I realized last night because of work I will not be able to watch most of the games live, but ESPN has created this great website … Continue reading

World Cup pt. 2 (Cote d’Ivore and Argentina)

So we are less than 4 days till the kick-off between South Africa and Mexico. Excitement and anticipation are slowing growing for over 4 billion people to watch, listen, and read the results of the World Cup. So let’s discuss two teams that are on the hot seat this cup. First let’s look at Cote … Continue reading

June=The World Cup

Ok so it is June 4 and the World cup offical kicks of June 11, 2010 16:00 SAST(South African Standard Time) and 9:00 AM CST with the host country of South Africa taking on our Southern border country Mexico. So I have decided to take the time to provide my own commentary for the Cup: … Continue reading