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Two Interviews Well Worth Your Time

Two interviews from the SBC 2011 convention done by 9Marks. The first is with Paige Patterson,  president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the second is with Al Mohler, Danny Akin,  and David Platt. Both are conducted by Mark Dever and are valuable beyond words. So please do take the time  to watch them. Paige … Continue reading

Amusing Ourselves to Death

Denny Burk comments on how 9-11 revealed what entertainment truly is and how we use it to distract us from weightier and more eternal matters. “Given everything that has happened in our national life since the attacks, this moment seems less like ten years ago and more like a hundred years ago. Nevertheless, there is … Continue reading

Biblical Authority

Both of these videos are fantastic discussions on how do we find authority and truth in scripture. Very thankful for these three men. Biblical Authority in an Age of Uncertainty from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo. Corrected and Constrained by the Text from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

Not Your Typical Surprise Party

From TheResurgence and TIm Chester’s new book “A Meal With Jesus” Tony Campolo of a time when he was speaking in Honolulu, Hawaii. Campolo lives on the east coast of the United States so his body was six hours ahead of Hawaiian time. At three o-clock in the morning it felt like nine o-clock to him. … Continue reading

“The Atonement” by Shai Linne

“Are you kidding me” those legitimately the words that came from my mouth when I finished this new CD by Shai LInne. Let me explain. This is one of the most intellegent rap CD’s I have listened to in a long time. Yes, not just christian rap but all rap. Shai Linne does something that … Continue reading

A Great Article By Tim Keller

There is a great article by Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, that he wrote for TheResurgence on big issues we are facing in the church. Here are the main points: 1. The local church has to support culture-making. We as the church need to stop paying lipservice to this idea of supporting the … Continue reading

The History Behind a Hymn

So to try and bring some consistency to this blog I have decided that every Monday I am going to talk about a song. Either give its history or speak on its lyrics or just post the song itself. So to start that off I have decided to post the history of the hymn “It … Continue reading

“We are His portion and He is our pirze”

This a line from John Mark McMillan’s song “Oh How He Loves”, and it is one that has given some people concern. Let me further expalin. The idea of we being God’s portion is one that some people enjoy, for the wrong reason, and others see it as troubling. The first is because, well let’s be honest, we … Continue reading

The Great Theologians of Relient K

Down In Flames- Relient K Christians– we’re all afraid of fire. We prefer to suck on pacifiers. Baby pacifists, we’re throwing fits. We don’t shake hands, we shake our fists. We’re cannibals. We watch our brothers fall. We eat our own, the bones and all. Finally fell asleep on the plane to wake to see … Continue reading